I specialize in helping freethinking women, gender sexual and romantic minorities, and nontraditional couples who have already overcome so much, but find that something keeps holding them back. If I’m the right therapist for you then you actively value personal growth, reflection, and authenticity, but have come up against some obstacles you need greater help with. Let’s connect to further heal old emotional, psychological wounds still impacting you, and build a healing relationship together that empowers you to maximize the relationships in your life, with your partners, friends, colleagues, society, and self. Let me help you discover new possibilities.

I also have a passion for helping others who were previously harmed by high-demand groups, otherwise known as cults. A cult is a hierarchically structured group which manipulates members into serving the interests of those with the most power and demands high levels of commitment to the group. They are more prevalent and varied than commonly understood in the U.S., and former members deserve more support. Let me help you understand and integrate your experience.

I am fortunate to practice under the supervision of Jamie Linsin, Psy.D., license number 2002021880 Missouri.


Dive into therapy with me, unlock your heart’s wisdom, and soar like only you can.