About Christina

I have a particular interest in helping people decidedly outside the mainstream, and who aren’t looking for a professional to fit them back into conformity. I work best with individuals and couples who already have some practice with self-reflection but perhaps some old or new stuff is coming up and you know the value of having a good third party helper to work through it. I enjoy helping diverse people, including in terms of relationship style, abilities, brain type, or cultural identities. My warm and empowering approach includes creative elements of mindfulness and humor. In sessions, I generally let my clients take the lead, and I intuitively but strategically enhance your process. It is my goal and privilege to truly understand you and your experience.

          What sets me apart is, first, that I am an empathic helper, meaning I am highly attuned to the internal experience of those with whom I connect. My clients often highlight how safe and understood they feel with me. Reflecting back to clients the rich and nuanced galaxy moving within them or within their relationship, augmented with my own knowledge or experience, naturally leads my clients to go deeper into the issues and we together gain insight on the foundational components. This allows us to connect the immediate issues all the way to the root issues, thereby revealing efficient but profound ways through.

          Second, I am very systemic in my perspective and approach. This means that I take in the whole picture and excel at synthesizing all the relevant information. I see the often overlooked connections between aspects and see where we can make skillful adjustments to shift the rest of the picture to my clients’ benefit. I look at a