Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling


Availability: I offer evening and weekend appointments, as well as online scheduling. In some cases, sessions can be conducted online.

Fees: I do not accept insurance. There are several reasons for this but ultimately it allows me to provide my best service. The needs and preferences of each client are unique, and when a mental health professional accepts insurance they are required to report a diagnosis of a mental illness to each client’s insurance company starting from the very first session, and they are told by the insurer how many sessions the client will merit depending on that diagnosis and the progress the professional must routinely report to the insurance company. Insurance reimbursement can be unpredictably variable or denied. I do not adhere to this medical model of wellness which reduces your suffering to a mere diagnosis and imposes a pseudo-efficient, cookie cutter solution on you that is inadequate for most people. The priority of insurance companies is to reduce their costs and increase their profits, which is often in conflict with our goal to reduce your suffering and increase your well-being. To make my services available to more people, my fees are based on client income. Which bracket you fall into on the sliding scale is determined when you send in proof of income.

My sliding scale ranges from $65 to $115.